EDF created Grid Concept, a unique experimental platform for the world to anticipate and support the development of electrical systems to “smart grids”. Built on the R&D Renardières site (77), larger EDF research centre in France, Concept Grid offers the possibility to drive in life-size some complex experiments and disturbed conditions that it would be impossible to carry on the real network.

This platform, enriched of a storage system of a megawatt lithium-ion batteries, requires the extension of 20KV network. As part of this work, EDF has entrusted SDEL Contrôle Commande to realise the extension of the Contrôle Commande of the Grid Concept.

CEI 61850


SDEL Contrôle Commande, relied on the complementarity of R & D services, Industry and Energy.

SDEL Contrôle Commande demonstrated the interoperability of systems by integrating ALSTOM protections SIEMENS existing database, all communicating following the IEC 61850 standard.





The services provided were the following:

  • Provide, configure and adjust the protections of the medium voltage part ensuring compatibility with existing hardware
  • Study the low voltage protection plan of the new platform test, deliver and install the general low voltage platform test
  • Integrate the new plant to the existing command control with changes in supervision and existing database
  • Testing and commissioning

Concept grid