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Some references of projects in Africa:



As part of the construction of two HTB substations in the island of Mayotte, SDEL Contrôle Commande provides two substations in Longoni and Kaweni some HTB 90kV cabinets and HTA 20kV racks for the digital command control (CCN).

The purpose of this project is to achieve the integration of Alstom Grid protections. SDEL Contrôle Commande adapted its provision to the particular context of Mayotte: PSEM Alstom, HTA cells Schneider Electric, reversibility of distribution/generation transformers, interfaces with existing HTA network and the existing and future power plants, CCN unique loop HTB/HTA.

The commissioning of these two substations was conducted in 2014-2015.


Connecting a 2MW plant to the SEEG network.

In progress, this project is about power connected equipment supplies (TGBT cabinet) and the supply of command control for the connection of a gas plant to the2MW power grid from SEEG.

  • Setting of the Command control system
  • Manufacturing a monitoring system that SEEG enables to visualize the plant output

The commissioning of equipment will be done with client teams.


Supply of instrumentation and control cabinets for renovation projects of hydroelectric power plants.


Providing two synoptics for electrical substations at Onigbolo and Tanzoun and insuring to the operator feedback from substation.