SDEL Contrôle Commande has the necessary resources to sustain its products in a long-term.

The concept of global support

SDEL Contrôle Commande has developed specific expertise and offers to its customers a transverse optimal operational condition activity.

Effective monitoring/watch of obsolescence

SDEL Contrôle Commande offers the following services as part of the MOC:

  • MCO Feasibility study
  • Monitoring developments in technologies
  • Obsolescence watch on components and sub-modules
  • Inventory management

Treatment of obsolescence

SDEL Contrôle Commande offers its expertise in the framework of the MOC:

  • Treatment of obsolescence and Search Equivalence (components, functions)
  • Reverse Engineering
  • Re-design functions (FPGA implementation)
  • Re-design of electronic cards.

We process to upgrade your equipment, as well as adjustments and validation tests.