SDEL Contrôle Commande is helping to improve the energy efficiency of the new “smart” electricity distribution network. This network uses information technology to optimize the meshes of the electricity grid from all producers to all consumers.

In this sense, SDEL Control Command participates in the “Smart Electric Substation” project. A unique project in the world that foreshadows the smart grid of tomorrow, in the service of the energy transition.

This project makes it possible, through the contribution of digital and embedded optical technologies, to optimize the capacities of the substation, the master piece of the electricity transmission network, in order to adapt it to the massive development of renewable energies.

SDEL Contrôle Commande is part of this project in order to provide its expertise (…)

The result of an exemplary mobilization between public and private actors, large companies and start-ups, the project is the spearhead for the development of a French and European sector of excellence on the international smart grids market.

Smart Grid