As part of military projects, in particular the light armored vehicles, SDEL Contrôle Commande develops applications software on hardened platforms.

The criticality needs require both the equipment and the application software level SIL2 functional safety according to IEC 61508-3-standard.

SDEL Contrôle Commande is an expert in these issues with a high constraint reliability, availability and security, and realizes complete design software.



  • Application of the process and methods consistent with the SIL 2
  • Full progress of development activities in accordance with SIL 2
  • Software configuration management
  • Writing the software specification from the client specifications
  • Writing design documents and different test plans
  • Coding according to the design and coding rules evaluated
  • Unit Testing
  • Integration testing and validation
  • Traceability of requirements during development
  • The software is then evaluated according to SIL 2 of the standard by an external organization


  • Using an automated test bench developed with Labview to ensure an adequate level of testability
  • Coding in C or modeling functional block diagrams following platforms and development tools
  • Implementation of multiplexing on CAN bus and protocol J1939