A team of more than 80 fitters, cable installers and qualified foremen control all wiring techniques, in a modern workshop of 4500m² located in area of Nantes.

Production quality is maintained at the highest level

With a production capacity of 800-900 products per year, our manufacturing team knows how to adapt your equipment and its bulk to technical difficulty.

Assembly and complex wiring management

Our teams offer you all achievements at the highest level of quality:

  • Wrapping paper backdrop
  • Welds and crimps
  • Mechanical sub assembling working
  • Copper bars assembly

A control and manufacturing plan is specifically developed for each product. It ensures the firm compliance of the assembly and wiring compared to the definition files.

Our specialty: the high wiring density.

Suitable production means whatever your product

The flexibility of our production tool allows us to process your requests:

  • Electronic card assembly
  • Multi-head harness wiring
  • Racks computers and electrical cabinets assembly / wiring
  • Distribution boards and electrical and electromechanical cabinets assembly / wiring
  • Command control console assembly /wiring
  • Full integration of shelters

For prototyping, production islands are specifically built to integrate your product into our production system.