A team of over 20 engineers and technicians ready to check up your equipment at the end of their manufacture.

Optimal level of test coverage

The growing validation and test service, as such the complexity of new technologies and your increasing requirements in terms of functional testing and qualification.

For the team working for conformity check, more than anywhere else in our society: the key word is zero defects.

Our offer in terms of factory testing:

Factory inspections and tests

SDEL Contrôle Commande’s products are subjected to several checks and tests during and after manufacture. These controls are applied to the sub-assemblies or finished products and can be automated or not according to the circumstances. They are made by different operators to ensure better coverage.

Input control:

  • Drawings check of metalwork and mechanical elements that needs a plan
  • Control components posing risk
  • Tests on equipped cards with automated or semi-manual benches
  • Specific bench realization according to the need
  • Étuve de déverminage des cartes (si nécessaire)

Wiring control:

  • Bus control, backplane, cords
  • Synor testers of continuity and isolation (3500pts-500V)

Manufacturing Tests (in production line output of finished product)

  • Control of mechanical clamping
  • Conformity check compared to manufacturing plan
  • Electrical continuity control of the masses
  • Conformity check of the wiring cabinet

Functional Tests (before shipping the finished product)

  • Creation of appropriated functional test procedures for products
  • 12 sets computerized tests (extendable if required)
  • Automatic or semi-automatic test bench (developed and / or adapted according to need)
  • Platform test and simulation system
  • Dielectric test equipment, isolation and continuité des masses
  • Metrology equipment

Our team of experts supports all efforts for the qualification of your Equipment

Upstream phase, we also offer pre-test on your materials either in approved laboratory or directly in our facilities from our own test facilities that allow us to cover in particular the following tests:

  • Immunity test in electrostatic discharge in accordance with EN 61000-4-2
  • Immunity test in transitoires électriques rapides en salve according to EN 61000-4-4
  • Immunity test in shock waves according to EN 61000-4-5
  • Immunities test in oscillatory waves amortized EN 61000-4-12 accordance with
  • Insulation tests: dielectric, voltage shocks, insulation resistance
  • Short-circuit tests
  • Essais de déverminage temperature with our loudspeakers